Asmi Supra-Conscious state

It is the spiritual practice which shri Rajesh likes to call Asmi –{ SUPRA CONSCIOUS }. Asmi merging in Divine Consciousness Virtues. You can experience it. With divine breathing ( Prana Shakti ) we can merge in silence and connect with the eternal, infinite, immortal consciousness. It is Para – Supramental state. Asmi is merging in infinite consciousness- the supreme divine. The spiritual journey of the individual consciousness (Jeev-aatma) comes to an end we all are destined to.

This cosmic energy vibrates the Kundalini of the meditators. The pran shakti starts moving upwards and the devotee starts doing automatic actions (kriyayen) which are not easily fathomable. The cosmic energy is transferred in such great quantum that the disciple moves beyond body and mind and meets his own existence. And thus those automatic movements (kriyayein) take place which are required by that particular individual’s spiritual existence.

Divine Mutation of Humanity :

According to Vaidik Darshan, Human body is made up of seven Koshas (layers). Physical-food , vital air, mind ,intellect, bliss, spiritual, and , the infinite Human development has traveled from initial four layers and arrived at current stage of development, yet through the last three layers: Bliss, spiritual and infinite ( In Hindu terminology they are known as Sat, Chit and Anand ) and withouht divine support human beings can not develop. This is so because these three Koshas are away from physical world and are in the world of soul/ divine consciouness.

This event will be hosted weekly or biweekly and we will regularly update the available dates.

Whats-appp for Available Dates : Call: +91 7744076021

Registration & Payment :

Spirituality is free .Why do we ask for monetary contribution?

Shri Rajesh-ji does not charge anything to Edify but we live in a world where everything costs money – renting halls, food for volunteers & visitors, travel costs. We have decided to add a small Donation. We promise that we are an organization run merely by volunteers with no business goals & financial assets. Our mission is to spread love and Truth only.

  • Advance registration is required since the number of slots per session are limited. If a particular session is already full, we’ll schedule you for the next session for a date/time that works for you if you'd like.
  • Group Session: Each participant will be required to pay a fee of USD 50 per person per session. This fee is non-negotiable and please do not embarrass us by making requests for exceptions.
  • Individual Session: If you prefer to have a one on one session with Guruji instead, then we can arrange that. However the fee is USD 100 per session per person for a one on one session.
  • If you already have a Paypal Account: You can directly make the payment to payment@roysmi (When making a payment, paypal will ask you the email address of the account you want to make the payment to. Once you've made the payment, please send us an email at with your Name, Payment Amount, contact info & date you'd like to have the session.
  • If you do not have a Paypal Account : Please send us an email at with your Name, Amount you’d like to pay, date you’d like to have the session, your email address & phone number. Once we receive your email, we’ll send you a paypal payment request to the email address you provide. This payment request will be from Samata (Roysmi mission Director ). You should be able to use a standard credit card (AMEX, VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD) to make a payment. Once we receive your payment, we’ll send you a confirmation about your registration.
Video Session Requirements :

  • Please have your setup ready ahead of the scheduled time. We expect this to be ready to go atleast 30mins prior to the session. Please goto the Zoom URL we provide 15-20mins before start to make sure we have a connection ready.
  • During registration, you are required to provide an email address which we’ll use to you a ZOOM URL link.
  • If using Phone or Tablet: For first time users, the link should automatically guide you to the zoom app on the app store. Please install the app (its free) and it should automatically launch the meeting for you.
  • If using computer: If you're using a computer to conference in, clicking on the url should automatically launch the ZOOM website. If you're a first time user, this website will prompt you to install a zoom plugin. Please proceed to install the plugin as recommended. This should only be a 1 time install for a computer accessing zoom for the first time.
What get disconnected during the session-

There will be an administrator moderating the call. If you get disconnected due to the network issue, we’ll try to get you back. If you’re unable to join again, there is no need to panic. We’ll schedule you for the next session that works for you.

Once awakened, will anyone be able to give Asmi or Shudhi Edify to others?

A short answer would be 'No'. It requires to becoming 'Enlightened' or become a 'Sadguru'-the Total pious Guide. There is no magic but devotion is required.


  • We request all participants who are undergoing this process for the first time to familiarize themselves with the process of Asmi & Shudhi both of which have been described in great detail-on—our-website.
  • The day of the session, please dress up so that you can sit comfortably in a meditation posture (Padmasana or Lotus Pose). If you want to rest your back against a wall, it is ok. If sitting on the floor in lotus pose is difficult, you can sit on a chair but please ensure that you sit in an erect posture with a straight spine.
  • During the session please ensure that your laptop camera points in your direction and you are clearly visible.
  • To get maximum benefit from the session, try to come with an open mind leaving all scepticism behind. Its extremely important to trust & embrace the Guru, be receptive to Guru's energy and let him do the rest.
  • Usually we recommend 3-5 sessions over a period of time.
Expect in the session

  • The whole experience will leave you with a very calm, happy, loved & blissful feeling afterwards.
  • When the session begins, you will be sitting quietly with your eyes closed in Chin Mudra. Shri Rajesh-ji will recite ‘OM’ few times to put you into Dhyana (deep meditation). You will continue to stay in Asmi until Shri Rajesh-ji will start reciting ‘OM’ again to bring you out .
  • Everyone has different experiences during process. Some experience intense involuntary or jerky movements, dance, cry, involuntary movements and laugh or exhibit what some call as strange behaviour. Some are not showing anything outside. This is normal. Automatically grace will work . Everyone responds differently.

Asmi Supramental