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About Roysmi Mission :

Roysmi Mission is the flickering and moribund flame of spirituality well before it finally dies down and thus galvanizes the inert individual soul from the materialistic outer development to eternal inner –zeal.

Nature :

Roysmi Mission is the spiritual humanitarian mission . Roysmi Mission was founded informally by Shri Rajesh in 2011 with smt Sonali, Smt Samata, Shri Vinod, Shri Judev. Presently Roysmi Mission is working for India , Europe , America- Canada & Middle East - 34 Indian locations and 11 world locations. Lord Buddha signifies the importance of "appo dipo bhavah" (Light unto,thyself) – Sufi Says “ Anal haak- Anal Haah ( am the divine) and Upanishads fulminate the gravitas of "Aham Brahmasmi" ( am consciousness supreme). Shri Rajesh says - this is Tatwamasi- Roysmi.

Vision :

The Mission Roysmi is creating New Life, New Human-being- New Future: Meditation-Yog, Edification, Serving Life and Living Beings, Sustainable Living , Ecological Innovations, and Integrating the whole life cycle. Presently Roysmi Mission is working for 34 Indian locations and 11 nations around the world.

  • Low Consciousness- low human
  • Middle Consciousness – present human
  • High Consciousness – future . new humanbeing ( Dev Manav)

Divine Mutation of Humanity :

According to Vaidik Darshan, Human body is made up of seven Koshas (layers). Physical-food , vital air, mind ,intellect, bliss, spiritual, and , the infinite Human development has traveled from initial four layers and arrived at current stage of development, yet through the last three layers: Bliss, spiritual and infinite ( In Hindu terminology they are known as Sat, Chit and Anand ) and withouht divine support human beings can not develop. This is so because these three Koshas are away from physical world and are in the world of soul/ divine consciouness.

Action :

Service to Life is Service to God.If you want to contribute for the world , you can connect with Roysmi .

How to Join Roysmi?

Live Integral Life

You Can Simply Call/Whats App On -Call: +91 7744076021

You Will Transform Your Life by the following four stages -

1) Shudhi ( Purification ):

Shri Rajesh originated Shuddhi process. This unique practice purifies Body, Mind, Energy , Aura & Connects with the supreme consciousness.Yog Jivan ( Yoga Life )_ This is a course useful to live Happy , Confident & Energetic Healthy life.This Ancient lifestyle awakens every one for real Freedom & Felicity.

2) Asmi( Supramental Consciousness):

It is the spiritual practice which shri Rajesh likes to call Asmi –{ SUPRA CONSCIOUS }. Asmi is merging in Divine Consciousness Virtues. You can experience it. With divine breathing ( Prana Shakti ) we can merge in Silence and connects with the eternal, infinite, immortal consciousness. It is Para – Supramental state.

3) Sangati Participation-
( Roysmi Pariwar’s Activities Schedule ):

Daily Divya Grantha Pathan Paramatma Pujan Dhyan- Yog Sadhana
Weekly Yog Parikrama Shuddhi Sangati
Monthly PunyaSwarna Patra Pawan Karma Pravartana
Annual Utsav- Jivananda Pancha Tirtha Darshan Sidha Stabha Darshana

Disaster Help


Sidha Prasadam


Creating Integral Life


4) Contribute to Create Integral Life & Yajura’s Zero Budget life model:


Roysmi Mission’s Projects & Schemes for You

Roysmi Mission , at all levels, announces Welfare Schemes for a cross section of the society from time to time. In this section, we have attempted to provide you an easy and single point access to information about several welfare schemes of the Roysmi Mission and their various aspects including eligible beneficiaries, types of benefits, scheme details etc

Contribute in Roysmi Governance

Roysmi Mission : Yajura Roysmi Mission's Proposed Head Quarter The Integral Life Model.Service to Life is Service to God.If you want to contribute for the world, you can connect with Roysmi Governance. Roysmi Mission Governance: Chief & Oracle Spiritual-Ministry Commitees ( Lords Council / Supreme council /Governing Council / Chief Council / Gods Council / Guardian Council / Integral council / Central Council / International-council / Projects Council ).Departments/Projects-Field Offices Central Yajuras Sadhnalaya-Research-innovation

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Core :
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Yajura-Roysmi Hills, Raisil, Near Karjat, Near Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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About Committees

Contribution Type Donation
General Rs-100
Institutional Rs-1000
Contribution Rs-10,000
Petron Rs-1.00000 or More

Selection of Membership is on decision of chief Trustees .(Apply terms & conditions.)
Time to time Training is Required to take responsibiliy.

Donate to Serve Life... Service to Life is Service to God

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