H.H. Shri Rajesh-Ji

Shri Rajesh is a Spiritual leader, yogi, guru, poet, and revolunationary nationalist. He is a spiritual reformer, introducing his visions on human life and spiritual evolution. Sri Rajesh developed a method of spiritual practices called Shudhi ( Purification ) & Asmi ( Supramental State )which connects with Supra-Consciousness. It is a kind of spiritual practice which takes the disciple's consciousness away from the innumerable layers - subtle and gross - of mind and commingles it with the Supreme Consciousness. It remains inert and dormant for zillions . With the grace of God, at one point of time the individual soul, in its journey to eternity, stumbles across the shri Rajesh , in turn disturbs the inertia or equilibrium of pran-shakti and the inward journey of consciousness. In this process under guidance of Shri Rajesh can get the eternal communion with the eternity - the Supreme Consciousness - the state of complete bliss and ecstasy. During this involution the individual consciousness goes through a plethora of mystical and extra-ordinary experiences. H.H. shri Rajesh awakens vital power (pran-shakti / chit shakti ) through Shudhi & Asmi- Supramentl Consciousness. The individual becomes the cosmos, and experiences the Aham Brahmasmi - The Roysmi (I am the Eternal Divine Consciousness) becomes a concrete reality. Shri Rajesh lives in INDIA : Pune - Mumbai Nasik or Yajura . He always Travels as the free Yogi- Shidha Raj. He edifies - guides people & serves lives as the worship of god.

Birth & Childhood

Shri Rajesh comes from a pious family. His mother and father are of spiritual nature, educationalist and kind humanitarian. In Rajesh's early childhood When he went to Kumbh-Mela ( Special Spiritual Gathering ) at Godavari river in Nasik( Maharashtra, India) with his grandmother. A very old Yogi with his huge disciples welcomed him and made him seat on a throne near him and called him a Divine Soul, " Siddhatma- Yogi Raj ".

Early life

Shri Rajesh was very kind and brave-hearted in adolesence. He was lovable among the school and college friends. He is a National Scholar, Gold Medalist in Humanity and PhD. He edifies in colleges & people. Shri Rajesh is the founder of Sadhanalaya ( Innovation and Research Center ). He never believes in class room studies but loves nature- living beings and doing something noble. According to him Self- knowledge is the only true knowledge.

Spiritual Journey

He left his parental abode and moved to mystic and mighty HIMALAYAS for more stringent and biting spiritual interest. Shri Rajesh lived with many Siddhas, Yogis, Spiritual entities. He did many experiments, innovations and Sadhana ( Spiritual Practices ). He wandered in Himalayan mystic hills, forests and many divine places.

Spirituality - ROYSMI - MISSION : Lord Buddha signifies the importance of "appo dipo bhavah" (Light unto,thyself) - Sufi Says" Anal Haak- Anal Haak ( am the divine) and Upanishads fulminate the gravitas of "Aham Brahmasmi" (I am consciousness supreme). Shri Rajesh says - this is Tatwamasi- Roysmi. Shri Rajesh is an originator of ROYSMI - MISSION. The Mission Roysmi is creating New Life, New Human-being- New Future: Meditation-Yog, Edification, Serving Life and Living Beings, Sustainable Living , Ecological Innovations, and Integrating the whole life cycle. Presently Roysmi Mission is working for 34 Indian locations and 11 nations around the world.

Shudhi ( Purifications )

Shri Rajesh originated Shudhi process. It is the process for freedom , real freedom from all supressions, blocks, sanskaras , impurities.This unique practice purifies Body, Mind, Energy , Aura & Connects with the supreme consciousness.The devotee does all these antics according to the sanskaras (impressions) of the innumerable past births. And when these actions (Kriyayen) take place the shri Rajesh's evaporates, obliterates, effaces, and consumes them so that the devotee become devoid of these sanskaras and love of Paramatama - Supreme Divine Consciousness can replace the emptied space.

Sometimes it happens- the devotee starts singing / loud shouting /crying / laughing / etc.

Automatic meditation happens to hundreds at the same time in the presence of Shri Rajesh. Shaktipat is not mesmerism nor hypnotism nor for that matter autosuggestion. Shri Rajesh calls it "Pratma " merger of self consciousness to the Eternal consciousness.

Contents of Shudhi

  • Chakra cleansings
  • Intense Meditation
  • Generating positive intelligent and creative energy in body ,Purify mind, body and thoughts

Asmi ( Supra-Conscious state )

It is the spiritual practice which shri Rajesh likes to call Asmi- SUPRA CONSCIOUS. Asmi merging into Divine Consciousness - Virtues. You can experience it. With divine breathing ( Prana Shakti ) we can merge in silence and connect with the eternal, infinite, immortal consciousness. It is Para - Supramental state. Asmi is merging in infinite consciousness- the supreme divine.

The spiritual journey of the individual consciousness (Jeev-aatma) comes to an end we all are destined to. This cosmic energy vibrates the Kundalini of the meditators. The pran shakti starts moving upwards and the devotee starts doing automatic actions (kriyayen) which are not easily fathomable. The cosmic energy is transferred in such great quantum that the disciple moves beyond body and mind and meets his own existence. And thus those automatic movements (kriyayein) take place which are required by that particular individual's spiritual existence.

Divine Mutation of Humanity :

According to Vaidik Darshan, Human body is made up of seven Koshas (layers). Physical-food, vital air, mind,intellect, bliss, spiritual, and, the infinite Human development has traveled from initial four layers and arrived at current stage of development, yet through the last three layers: Bliss, spiritual and infinite ( In Hindu terminology they are known as Sat, Chit and Anand ) and withouht divine support human beings can not develop. This is so because these three Koshas are away from physical world and are in the world of soul/ divine consciouness.


The central theme of his vision is the evolution of human life into a life divine Consciousness - DevManv .

  • Low Consciousness - low human
  • Middle Consciousness - present human
  • High Consciousness - future . new humanbeing ( Dev Manav)

Meet shri Rajesh

People from all over the world meet Shri Rajesh-ji to get edified of Paratm and shudhi Dhyan - Supra consciousness Meditation & Yoga to live glorious and graceful life. He edifies to live away from materialistic life and to live in the purity of the truth. Yogi - Shri Rajesh travels across India and the world for welfare of lives.